Aircraft Handling Airport Prague

We provide handling services at the airport Prague, for all types of air transport – scheduled, charter and cargo flights.

Preflight preparation

  • DCS flight preparation
  • DCS load control (manually if circumstances demand)
  • Preflight preparation including information on flight routes and meteorological information
  • Supervision of all matters connected to aircraft handling: load-balancing, loading, unloading, assistance in starting motors, movement and towing of the aircraft on the tarmac using mechanical equipment, cleanup, deicing, toilets and refilling of drinking water, pumping fuel.
  • Securing aircraft against free movement on the tarmac
  • Pushback of aircraft up to 560 tons
  • Assistance in starting motors

Aircraft fuelling

  • Brand new Schwarzmuller fuellers
  • Aviation Fuel  JET A1
  • Experienced staff
  • Fully conforming with IATA JIG 
  • Fuelling and defuelling services 
  • More information here

Toilets and water

  • Servicing of plumbing and toilet systems

Aircraft deicing

  • 5 deicing vehicles, 2 Volvo Vestergaard vehicles and 3 Safeaero vehicles

Loading and unloading

  • Loading and unloading of loads transported
  • Baggage sorting
  • X-ray baggage control
  • Baggage reconciliation

Mobile mechanization equipment

  • Attachment and operation of on-the-ground electrical energy sources
  • Attachment of mobile stairways or boarding bridges
  • Attachment and operation of air conditioning units

Aircraft interior cleaning

  • Disinfection and seat disinfection 
  • General cleaning of aircraft interiors
  • Express and comprehensive transit aircraft cleaning


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